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Tour Bhutan has been a leader in tours, treks, and custom travel experiences for 10 years. We offer a premium level of service with only the best accommodation, transport, and itineraries. Whether you are searching for natural beauty, spiritual inspiration, or immersion in a culture woven with Gross National Happiness, we are here for you.

Most of our tours are conducted with a guide and a driver for every two to three people in a modern 4 WD vehicle, so while we guide you the program is always flexible. The secret to our success is the unique collaboration between experienced Bhutanese tour guides and western partners that have lived, toured, and trekked in Bhutan - we love travelling in Bhutan as much you will!

Kingdom of Bhutan

Cultural Tours and Festivals

Witness entranced dancers in remote monasteries and colourful religious ceremonies performed in castle-like temples.

Small Ship Voyages with himalyan

Walks and Trekking Adventures

From short day walks to a hilltop monastery all the way to the 25 day "Snowman Trek", we have done and love them all. Trek by rarely visited villages and Yak herders camps and view our sacred mountains up close.


Special Tours

We are known for our specialty tours including our highly flexible photographer tours, dharma practitioners tours, executive tours and custom itineraries. We will have something to meet your needs.

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