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Bhutan tours through Paro Valley

About Tour Bhutan

Tour Bhutan has a 10 year history of creating unique travel experiences in Bhutan. We understand that travellers to Bhutan are looking for special experiences and real insights into Bhutan's rich cultural heritage. We don't do "package" tours - we feature example itineraries on our website that are customisable to your needs and interests. Tour Bhutan has grown slowly over the years and taken travellers to every part of Bhutan. Tshewang, the Managing Director of Tour Bhutan began leading treks in Bhutan when he was a student. "I just loved trekking, so it was great to do what I loved and get paid for it," recalls Tshewang. "We used to really rough it in the old days, I remember on my first trek I had no sleeping bag and couldn't sleep it was so cold!" Tshewang eventually went on to university in Australia and on his return opened his own tour and trekking company based on the understanding of the needs of western tourists that he developed while abroad.

There are over 600 tour operators registered in Bhutan and most work through overseas travel agents that charge a commission on top of the Bhutanese tour operator's fees as it is sometimes difficult to transfer money directly to tour operators in Bhutan. Tour Bhutan is unique in having an office both in Australia and Bhutan. We believe we are the only international company with an office both within and outside Bhutan.

Having an office in Australia provides smoother service for booking and payment for customers from Australia, Europe and North America.

Dr Craig Dalton, the manager of the Australian office, recalls how he first met Tshewang, "I was working in Bhutan for 8 months teaching public health, and we were mostly doing our own guided tours as we had a reasonable knowledge of Buddhist rites and iconography, but one day while I was in Paro Dzong, I heard this tour guide telling a Singaporean couple about the Dzong and I was really impressed. 'This guide really knows his stuff', I thought. Tshewang and his generous guest (thanks Leo) invited us to join them and we followed Tshewang to Wangue Dzong and continued the tour. This led to a wonderful friendship and many more treks and tours. The roads can be crazy in Bhutan and Tshewang was the only person I let drive my family on the narrow mountainous roads.

Craig has a lifelong love of travel, having worked as a ship's doctor on the luxury liner Ocean Princess and starting the first travel medical clinic in Newcastle Australia before entering a career in public health and continuing to travel extensively.

Having spent so much time in Australia, Tshewang really understood western travellers so it was logical to work with Tshewang to open up the first international office of Tour Bhutan in Australia.

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