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Bhutan photographers tours

Why travel with us?

Let us tell you about the reasons to travel with Tour Bhutan or skip to our guest testimonials below.


Bhutan is an adventure destination but that doesn't mean it has to be dangerous. Compare us on these key safety issues, we:
  • carefully select all our tour guides and drivers and only use the most modern and safe vehicles.
  • structure our schedules to ensure safety - no last minute dashes across dark mountainous passes!
  • know where all the health services are available throughout the country.
  • have evacuation plans for specialist care when needed.
  • have all our food and water safety hygiene plans reviewed by a western public health specialist.
  • have a satellite emergency communication device to ensure emergency communication on even the most remote tours and treks.
  • carry one of the most comprehensive first-aid kits in Bhutan on all our tours and treks.

We know of no other tour group in Bhutan that can offer you this standard of care.

Pre-travel Preparation and Education

  • Pre-departure Skype video conference to answer your questions and get to know our guests - we will recognise each other at the airport in Paro!
  • special "getting to know Bhutan" pack with exclusive books and essential Dzongkha (the official language of Bhutan) guide.
  • an official Bhutanese postage stamp with your face on it (or your grandchildren) will be ready for you to place on a postcard on your arrival. (All you need to do is send a jpg image 10 days before you arrive.)

We believe no other tour company offers this level of service!

Freedom and Flexibility

While all travellers to Bhutan must be accompanied by registered tour guides, we know that our guests want freedom and flexibility. We are happy to customise any trip and provide plenty of free time for just wandering around town. We tend to use centrally placed hotels that give you the freedom to amble around town and make your own discoveries. In our small group and executive tours we can even change your itinerary once you arrive - we make our itineraries and permit applications as flexible as possible.

Responsible Travel

We are adopting the new International Standard for Corporate Social Responsibility - ISO 26000. This new standard is superior to the old regime of for-profit certification by a certification "industry". ISO 26000 requires a continued striving for excellence in 7 core areas including the environment, human rights, community involvement and development, labour practices, fair operating practices, and consumer issues. Achieving ISO 26000 is a continuous and iterative process. Our current environmental focus is on promoting energy efficiency at hotels that we use. In labour practices we are ensuring living wages and the safety and comfort of staff. In consumer issues we are ensuring transparency in our fee structure and guaranteeing that all costs are advertised up front with any exclusions clearly advised. We believe we are the only tour operator that has commenced an online satisfaction survey of all of our guests after their visit with us. Additionally, our staff do NOT take commissions from craft stores, we advise you of all your options and let you choose where to shop.

Testimonials from our guests

We thank our guests for these generous testimonials!

I have toured with Tour Bhutan twice. First time in 2001, and then in 2009 again. Have spent more than a week with Tshewang personally trekking and at least another week with him and his guides on cultural excursions.
My tours to Bhutan have been incredible and I found that despite the great restriction on tourism in Bhutan (no touring by yourself) that this was actually a tremendous benefit - as the tour guides with whom I worked were with me at all times (never overbearing) and ended up getting me into many more places and providing a much better experience than if I had been on my own.
Tshewang is as present as you need him to be and he has an uncanny way of understanding your unique needs. I recommend Tour Bhutan without hesitation."

Mark Dimont,
Morgan Stanley, NY

Tshewang has arranged for my long awaited Bhutan trip excellently. He is a very professional tour operator that would take care of all of your travelling needs. His expertise makes it better for me to understand Bhutan's culture well. With his planning, we actually reached Taksang first on that day which is something that I really appreciate as it is so peaceful and quiet there."

Fenny Gunawan
Citi Bank, Indonesia

I have taken an average of 2 overseas holidays every year for the last 20 years - I can honestly say that the care and attention to detail I experienced with Tour Bhutan has never been surpassed. While travelling in Bhutan may seem expensive at first, the all inclusive package provided by Tour Bhutan is great value for money. The drivers were really flexible and stopped the car whenever a photographic opportunity revealed itself - which is very frequent in Bhutan!"

Dr Jamie Calder
Anaesthetist, Sydney, Australia

Our adventure with Tshewang and his team was a huge success. This was largely attributable to the care he took with planning the trip and accommodating out changing needs, and also being flexible with the schedule when the weather wasn't good. Both the trekking and the visiting of Dzongs was excellent and his personal acquaintance with the lamas, allowed us to meet them and gather an insight into this mysterious way of life. The photos I have take have impressed many and the best mountain flowers photographs now are on display in a New York gallery.

Professor Jack Cuzick
Wolfson Institute, London, UK